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Hawaiian Punch may be reminiscent of the fun, tropical drink of the same name, but it’s a potent cannabis strainw with a powerful punch of THC. With a level of up to 26% of THC or more, this strain isn’t for the faint of heart. This strain is well-liked for its energizing effects and ability to induce mental clarity and focus.
Hawaii is so well-known for its fruit production that is it referred to as the pineapple state. Well, the stench of Hawaiian Punch marijuana certainly lives up to this. The scent is a sumptuous selection of pineapple and melon, mingled together with an almost spicy lemon zing.
Hawaiian Punch is known as a creeper strain, meaning there can be a delay before the effects truly take hold. Watch out for this and give the strain time to work its magic. It is common for people to feel as if slow-acting strains are not working, consume more, and then get hit by the effects from a much larger dose all at once.

Hawaiian Punch Strain is a 100% sativa marijuana hybrid popular for its powerful cerebral and physical high. Although the identity of its original breeders is murky, this strain is believed to originate from Hawaii.

On the outside, the dense nugs of this extremely potent marijuana hybrid don’t look like much, but can produce an intense euphoric and physical high that’s both mentally stimulating and beautifully relaxing.

The THC level of this hybrid is somewhere between 26%making Hawaiian Punch especially useful in the medical field to treat conditions such as stress, mood disorders, anxiety, seizures, headaches, chronic pain, and nausea.

With such high levels of THC, you can trust Hawaiian Punch to elevate your mood and spirit, boost your creativity and wash away your worries as it takes you through a beautiful state of dreamy introspection.

Hawaiian Punch strain has an amazingly smooth and sweet flavor profile. It is one of the few canabis strains with an exceptionally beautiful flavour. Its dense nugs are uniquely spicy with notes of the tropics and citrus.

Its buds are very enticing and will excite your taste buds with their smooth and sweet smell of citrus and pineapples. Hawaiian Punch beautiful smell is also reflected in its flavor. Its extraordinary flavor is attributed to its genetics as well as its above average terpene level.

You’ll absolutely love every moment of Hawaiian Punch’s smooth citrusy and pineapples flavor. The best way to experience its rich terpene profile is by a weed vaporizer on low temperature.


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