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An Indica dominant hybrid cross of Orange Cookies and Triangle Kush, the Orange Push Pop strain is known to provide an aromatic experience that entices the senses and wets the taste buds. The buds usually have shades of green with heavy patches of orange hairs. These tasty trees sometimes have a very particular look as the nugs look like small hairy oranges.

The nose on this strain tends to be on the strong creamy orange side and immediately greets your nostrils alongside the slightest vanilla aroma. I feel like someone took an orange creamsicle from the freezer, bit into it, walked around for 30 seconds worth of melting time, then shoved it under my nose.

The effects of the Orange Push Pop strain when smoked are perfect for an all-day marathon smoke session, or even just for periodically refreshing your high. It was most similar to Sativa strains and is great for elevating mood and also providing a pleasant sensation throughout one’s entire body.

The Orange Push Pop strain usually provides a manageable high for cannabis enthusiasts of all experience levels. Helping to put consumers in a relaxed and calm state of mind, this combination of terpenes might be perfect for you and dealing with everyday stressors from life.

Newer enthusiasts can feel at ease knowing they won’t be sent into a panic attack while experienced people will be able to taste the great flavor from one of the more popular new strains on the market. Unless the cannabis is old and dried out, the terps you taste should match the smell.



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