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Created by crossing Orange Cookies and Triangle Kush, the Orange Push Pop strain is a 60% sativa As such, it provides effects that are more on the relaxing side, but it also has some uplifting characteristics. With 26% of THC content and 1% of CBG, this may not be the weed for complete newbies to smoke. If you can handle a slightly high level of THC though, this is good cannabis to smoke if you’re looking for something that tastes great.
Despite being hybrid, this marijuana strain is generally thought to be a good one for daytime smoking too. That is because it makes users happy, energetic, and uplifted other than being physically and mentally relaxed. The overall effects of this weed are quite mild which makes it possible even for those with little experience with cannabis to smoke it.

This particular strain is also used by people who want something to treat issues like anxiety and fatigue since it offers both relaxation and an energy boost.

The dominant terpene in Orange Push Pop cannabis is Caryophyllene. The aroma and taste of this strain will remind you instantly of an orange creamsicle. The strong citrusy flavor is nicely offset by the sweetness of vanilla. This combination of sweet and tangy tastes makes this weed a very pleasant one to smoke. A well-cultivated batch of this plant will give you light green buds with bright orange hairs.


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