BC⛽️ Pink Octane 100% Indica/ 28% THC 7grams left $50🔥

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Pink Octane is a pure Indica powerhouse crossed between High Octane OG X Pink Kush. Because the two strains that created Pink Octane are so potent, of course, it will be just as powerful! We suggest saving this flower for evening use due to its pure Indica effects.
When these buds are broken apart, instantly, an aroma scent of gas and kush is released. When combusted, the taste of this incredible pungent cannabis is earthy and gassy with a hint of sweet diesel. The gorgeous deep green leaves with purple tones with glistening trichomes give Pink Octane some serious bag appeal.
Pink Octane aims to impress when it comes to THC, with average levels of 28% When it comes to the high, the Pink Octane strain induces relaxation with a twist of happiness. Users will find that they are immediately brought to a euphoric headspace, with the potential of negative thoughts far from the mind.
Medical users tend to gravitate toward this Indica for its remarkable body effects that combat physical pain, headaches, and nausea. It can also treat anxiety, stress, and extreme nervousness, and it’s an excellent choice to bring some calmness to enjoy a carefree day. If consumed later in the evening, smoking an adequate amount of this strain will lull you into a deep sleep.


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